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Friday, 9 July 2010

Inspiring and Engaging today's learners

A presentation I gave earlier this week at the CEGSA conference here in Adelaide reminded me how much I enjoy the contact with learners.
These admittedly were teachers, and we were talking about getting them started in blogging, a favourite topic. But it was lovely to feel that I had given them some direction and at least started them on their journey, or, in a couple of cases, re-started them.

If my presentation doesn't open as an embedded file, then find it here

A post today from eSCHOOL NEWS talks about making students forget they are in a classroom and I wonder how many teachers have that as their aim.

Inspiring and engaging today's 21st-century learners, who have grown up surrounded with digital media and are used to having instant access to information, requires flexible resources that change with students' needs. When teachers can leverage multiple technologies in a resource-rich classroom-supported by top-notch professional development-students forget they're in school and instead become excited about real-world applications of the lessons they are learning.

Check the post for yourself and the list of eSCHOOL NEWS articles that explore the topic.

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