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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Connecting with students through podcasts

This post, and perhaps the next one or two, is inspired by an article in eLearn Magazine titled Connecting with e-Learners through podcasting.

The author, Heather Zink, begins

Online instructors often struggle to find ways to connect with students on a consistent basis through a means other than written discussion such as forums and emails.... Podcasting offers an opportunity to connect with students and enhance the instructor-student interaction. It also provides an avenue for instructors to meet students at a time most convenient for the student with information that can be repeated as often as the student needs.

The article provides a suggested strategy for developing a series of podcasts, and advice about design, time management, and preventing podfading.

CMIS at DETWA has a very useful page on Podcasts in the Classroom for those who are yet to embark on a podcasting journey. It gives resources to check out.

Me.edu.au has quite a large community where you can check out items people have been bookmarking.

I often listen to podcasts such as those on Radio National at EdPod, not as podcasts but as audio files.

I am interested in examples of Australian educators (in any sector) using podcasts, and also of student- created podcasts, so leave some details in a comment or drop me an email so I can add to this topic in a future post.

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