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Friday, 16 July 2010

Fighting the myths about technology in education

Have you subscribed to DERN yet?

Don't know what it is?
DERN "lives" at the ACER (Australian Council for Education Research)
The Digital Education Research Network (DERN) is a network of researchers scholars, leaders, experts and colleagues interested in research about education and the use of digital technologies to improve teaching, learning and leadership. It focuses mainly on Australian research although not exclusively.  It was launched in March 2010.

Each week former CEO of Education.au Gerry White, Principal Research Fellow, Teaching Learning and Leadership at the ACER writes a blog post in which he points to, and comments briefly on, some recent research about technology in education.

This week's blog post Technology in education myths dispelled relates to some research released by Walden University and undertaken by Grunwald Associates that focusses on the drive towards teaching 21st century skills and tackles five myths about the use of technology in education, particularly those that make assumptions about which teachers are more likely to embed technology in their pedagogy.

Gerry's DERN blog is providing a very useful service, and I look forward to my weekly dollop of something to think about

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