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Monday, 4 January 2010

Education.au BlogFest #1

This is my first post in the Education.au BlogFest, an internal professional development incentive to introduce people to blogging and to augment my own skills.

Our first task is to write a post about joining the BlogFest and to say what we hope to get out of the activities over the next 3 weeks.

Since I am "leading" the activity, I suppose my aims are a little different to other participants but perhaps they are not.

I hope
  • to get a better understanding of the potential of a blog for professional development
  • in particular, the major obstacles others face when they are starting out. When you've been doing things for a while like I have, it is easy to not recognise potential problems.
  • I hope to persuade the participants to see blogging as the beginning of a conversation, and
  • I'm hoping to provide a stimulating experience.


Ali Hall said...

I think already we have all covered a little more unknown ground. Those of us who have either be burnt the first time round with blogging or have just fallen off the wagon now have a reason to give it another go.

Nicholas said...

Indeed we all start with good intentions about blogging but often we do get discouraged or disinterested. Maybe this Fest will get us back on track

Helen said...

Thanks Kerrie!

Emma said...

What a great idea this task is for those of us beginning our blogging journey. Thanks Kerrie.