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Thursday, 12 August 2010

I love my Twitter Daily

If you take a look at my personalised twitter Daily what you are looking at is an aggregation of twitter and RSS feeds from people I follow.

The Daily is divided up into "interest" categories and each displays a number of posts. In the top right corner of the categories a number tells me how many more items I can find there.

I do have Tweet Deck running on my computer, in the background, throughout the day but, like most of the people who read this blog, there is no way that I can justify doing more than glance occasionally at it, and sometimes contributing.

What Twitter Daily does is

  1. aggregate in newspaper form items from a number of the people whom I follow on Twitter. You can see who they are under the snippet.
  2. Every morning I get an email alert from Small Rivers to tell me my new "daily" is available.

So I probably do miss stuff, but the Daily at least provides the tweets in an interesting format and I can pick items that interest me at a glance.

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